Merlot – Cabernet






Was inspired by the idea of finding the perfect pairing for all your beef dishes, grilled or slow-cooked at low temperatures. Merlot, a grape variety that always ensures a smooth and velvety taste, helps balance the characteristic flavours created by cooking over an open flame and attenuates any bitter notes. Its well-rounded character prolongs and enhances the intense flavour of the “maillard” effect, typical of grilling. Cabernet Sauvignon, with its dry and full-bodied structure, supports and cleans the fattiness of more marbled cuts, as well as preparing the palate for low & slow-cooked recipes or stews cooked in Dutch ovens.

Pairs with: grilled beef, smoked meats, slow cooked dishes (brisket), and dishes cooked in dutch oven such as braised veal or beef cheek.

Vinification and ageing: maceration and vinification in steel tanks are followed by 12 months’ ageing, part in 20-hl oak barrels and part in barriques.

Grapes: 50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon



for pairing with your
beef dishes


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