Made for Beef

Pairs with: grilled beef, smoked meats, slow cooked dishes (brisket), and dishes cooked in dutch oven such as braised veal or beef cheek.

Made for Chicken

Pairs with: roasted, grilled chicken or turkey, and spicy chicken wings or drumsticks.

Made for Lamb

Pairs with: especially well with grilled, roasted, or stewed lamb, plus roasted potatoes or grilled vegetables.

Made for Pork

Pairs with: grilled pork, sausages, chops, and slow cooked recipes such as ribs, and pulled pork.


From the centuries-old Guicciardini Family winemaking experience, “The Grilled Grape – BBQ WINES” are the first wines created for bbq, with the aim of giving value to the concept of “matching” from the earliest stages of production. Thanks to teamwork with experts in catering, grill-masters and sommeliers, The Grilled Grape – BBQ WINES aims to design wines made for bbq lovers, specialized distributions, butcher shops.


The Grilled Grape

Via Fezzana 45 /49
Montespertoli (Firenze)
Tel: +39 055 82315

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